iTRAK Fleet Executive™ Technical Overview

General System

  • Event-based reporting: more precise location data without wasting air time
  • Redundant server configuration with 24x7 monitoring
  • SaaS .NET based application
  • Data delivery confirmation by server ensures no lost data
  • Third-party Application Programming Interface (API) provided to customers and partners
iTRAK Mobile Device (iTRAKopus line of products)
  • Transmission of position data triggered by:
    • Distance traveled (default=1 mile or 1.6km)
    • Vehicle stopped (default=2 minutes)
    • Vehicle starts moving (default=5 MPH or 8KPH)
    • Status of optional sensors (ignition on/off, doors open, etc.)

User Interface

  • Secure simultaneous log-in access for multiple users
  • Vehicles organized by sub-fleets
  • Customizable vehicle icons for easy identification
  • Automatic centering and following of vehicle position
  • Stored map views of commonly viewed areas
  • Vehicle location on demand (polling)
  • Multiple zoom features

Real-time Data

  • International maps from Google Maps and Microsoft MapPoint.NET, updated quarterly
  • Real-time “fleet status” summary table
  • Geo-fencing feature sends alert when vehicle enters/leaves predefined locations
  • Vehicle information displayed/recorded
    • Vehicle name (and alias)
    • Time/Date of last position
    • Speed/Direction
    • Number of GPS satellites in view

Activity Reports

  • Positions include closest street address or user-defined landmark names
  • Breadcrumb trails with or without information labels
  • Single-vehicle or fleet-wide reports
  • Summary reports
  • Exception reports
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Route alerts

Minimum System Requirements

  • Since iTRAK Fleet Manager is a “hosted” system (meaning that all data collected is stored on a server at our network operations center), users do not need to install any specific application on their computers to access vehicle information.
  • To achieve best results, users should log into iTRAK Fleet Executive from a PC using Windows« XP, Windows 7.0 or Windows« Vista™ OS, and Internet Explorer version 7.0 (or newer).

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