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iTRAK Corporation manufactures a full range of innovative hardware products that operate with iTRAK Fleet Executive™ fleet GPS tracking systems. The company’s technical differentiation and patented design are key strengths that contribute to the reliability of the overall iTRAK GPS fleet management solution.

Key elements of the iTRAK design include:

  • Transmission of location data is driven by events, not just by time. Default reporting triggers are: 1) vehicle travels 1 mile (1.6km); 2) vehicle stops for more than 2 minutes; and 3) vehicle starts from rest and reaches a speed of 5 MPH (or 8KPH). All triggers can be optimized for specific business circumstances and changed over-the-air, if desired. This method is far superior to systems using timed transmissions, as the density of data points is high when the vehicle is actually moving, and ensuring that our fleet GPS traxking systems do not send unnecessary data while the vehicle is at rest.
  • The integrated 50-channel GPS/GNSS receiver utilizes the best available technology, incorporating WAAS protocols for position accuracy of better than 3 meters, or about 10 feet.
  • Guaranteed delivery confirmation from the iTRAK Fleet Executive server to the iTRAK mobile device assures no data is lost from vehicle to server. Many other GPS systems do not support this critical function.
  • Store-and-forward capability ensures that data is not lost when vehicle is out of cellular coverage. Although most out-of-coverage episodes are very brief, the iTRAK mobile fleet GPS tracking systems can store more than 2,000 positions and send them when the truck or vehicle returns to coverage.
  • The efficient communications design and built-in microprocessor or our GPS fleet management solutions minimize transmission of unnecessary or redundant data. With reporting triggers set at default values, a data plan of 1 MB per month typically permits each vehicle to travel approximately 6,000 miles per month (or about 10Km per month).
  • iTRAK Corporation develops and contracts the building and testing of its iTRAK vehicle-mounted hardware in-house, removing many constraints that may be introduced by third-party providers.

  • Some models include onboard batteries for signalling even when the vehicle loses power, and can send out alerts to indicate that the device has lost power, or is being potentially tampered with.

  • Some of our fleet GPS tracking system models include handsfree voice capabilities in order to provide tracking that complies with the US Safety Administration rule, docket "FMCSA-2010-0096" or "PHMSA-2010-0227", "Drivers of CMVs: Restricting the Use of Cellular Phones".

  • Some models include WiFi communication either as a router, or as a 'client' for another vehicle based WiFi system.

  • Some models include light engine Interface systems (OBDII), CANbus, heavy duty J1708,J1939 engine interfaces as well as optional temperature probes, starter disable, and emergency IO interfaces.  Contact us to help you determine which systems are right for your fleet.

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