iTRAK Opus™  3000
Personal and Light Vehicle GPS Tracking
(product exclusively offered in the USA)

Just plug it in, and start tracking your vehicle today!

The iTRAK Opus 3000 is a simple to install personal GPS tracking system that provides it's location through data messages sent from the highly versatile GPS tracking device.  The device responds back with it's location which can then be used to show it's location on a Google map using the phone or tablet's browser using our mobile tracking application.

The iTRAK Opus 3000 is superior to other vehicle tracker devices and applications, since it remains with the vehicle, and includes a battery so that it can't be turned off or disabled.  When fully charged, as long as it remains with the vehicle - you can track it for several hours, or even days (depending upon usage) without power, and when in wireless coverage, you can track your vehicle using your smartphone or tablet system.

The iTRAK Opus 3000:

  • Provides you with an additional vehicle security 'safety net' in emergencies.
  • Is easy to install - uses your vehicle's OBD-II diagnostic connector: typically found in the driver's seating area under the dash our vehicle tracker is inconspicuous and simple to use.
  • Cost effective advanced technology.
  • Includes a wireless coverage plan available throughout the USA - including Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Upgradeable to full featured professional tracking services - our GPS tracking device for cars and light duty vehicles will also provide geofencing, and email alerts on iTRAK Fleet Executive (iFE).
  • Includes a battery so it will continue to track in many cases, even if disconnected from the vehicle.
  • A full year of tracking services is included in the price.
 Locate your vehicles in near-real-time using your smartphone or PC.

Included wireless plan covers an average of  200 positions per day for one year, with 1 mile updates, starts, stops, and 45 degree turns.  3 hour time updates can be optionally included.

Smartphone text
Smartphone Map

Call us for a quote or to place a quick order at 1-866-224-8725 !

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