iTRAK Fleet Executive™ (formerly iTRAK Fleet Manager)

iTRAK Fleet Manager is the best in full-featured, web-based GPS tracking solutions for commercial fleets of 5 to 50,000 vehicles. The heart of the tracking system is the iTRAK "intelligent tracking" module that is mounted in each vehicle. The iTRAK mobile device contains a GPS receiver and antenna, mobile modem/transceiver, and an intelligent iTRAK computer module that controls and manages the storage and transmission of all position data. 

Our truck GPS tracking system transmits critical information (e.g., vehicle ID, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction of travel, date, time, and number of satellites in view) and is transmitted via the mobile network and Internet to the iTRAK Fleet Executive servers in the cloud, where authorized users can log in and view vehicle activity on live maps, analyze past data, or print a variety of historical reports. Event-based data transmission rules are configurable (over the air) to address each customer's specific needs.

The most common events that trigger the transmission of position data are vehicle starts, stops, distance traveled, sharp turns, and application-specific on-board sensors such as impact and shock sensors.  Time updates are also an option, but are discouraged due to unnecessary redundancy.

Transmission of GPS data is “event-driven” instead of time-driven, resulting in far better location accuracy and less wasted airtime.

The iTRAK solution combines the power of five different technologies:

Let iTRAK keep your business on a profitable path with industry leading fleet manager solutions.

Maximize productivity. Minimize waste. Decrease costs.  iTRAK delivers results that you can bank on.  Contact us today to learn more about our truck GPS tracking solution!

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