Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Increased Productivity/Reduction in Fuel Costs -- Make more informed decision with our GPS fleet management system.  Find the closest vehicle to respond to a service call, saving on fuel and improving response times.

  • Compliance with Programmed Routes -- Keep better tabs on your drivers.  Ensure that drivers do not deviate from an authorized route; view entire movement history.

  • Better Customer Service/Customer Retention -- Give valuable metrics to everything you do, including customer support.  Locate customer shipments for callers wanting to know their delivery status.

  • Driver Accountability -- Ensure everyone is hitting their standards.  Verify that drivers met expected appointments or service calls.

  • Driver Safety -- Integration with voice systems designed to comply with US Safety Administration rule, docket "FMCSA-2010-0096" or "PHMSA-2010-0227", "Drivers of CMVs: Restricting the Use of Cellular Phones". Our GPS fleet tracking devices do more than keep money in your pocket, but helps keep your assets and workers safe.

  • Reduction in Unauthorized Vehicle Use -- Make sure work equipment is used for work alone.  Monitor personal use of take-home vehicles; Eliminate moonlighting activities.

  • Decrease in Speed/Increase in Personnel Safety -- Reward good drivers for compliance with company policies and traffic laws.

  • Lower Insurance Rates -- Accurately document where all vehicles are at all times; Reject frivolous property damage claims.

  • Complete Historical Record of Fleet Activities -- Get the numbers you need whenever you need them.  View, print, or save reports at any time utilizing our GPS fleet management system.

  • Automated Maintenance information -- Our GPS fleet tracking devices help keep your trucks running in their best condition possible as long as possible.  Receive vehicle maintenance alerts to remind you to change oil, replace or rotate tires and other key metrics that will keep your fleet operating with maximum efficiency.

  • Driver Hours of Service (HOS) Requirements -- iTRAK's certified and integrated ELD/EOBR systems will help you meet the changing regulation standards for FMCSA DOT 49 CFR Parts 385, 386, 390 and 395 the "ELD Mandate" directive, while continuing to provide you with real time GPS truck tracking.  See our summary presentation on what these requirements may mean for your organization.

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